Born to Summit //

While attending a university in the USA, Zed laid the foundation for his passion of climbing and went hiking everywhere he could. He continued to cultivate his passion after moving to Geneva, Switzerland, where he went skiing in the winter and climbing in the summer in the Alps.

Zed has been training on the peaks of the Alps and Scottish Highlands with the ultimate goal of one day climbing Mount Everest. Till today Zed has climbed six of the seven summits, successful in 4 & due to climb by next spring, check on the summit section for details. Zeddy has summited Carstensz, Kilimanjaro, Mc Kinley and Elbrus. Reached Everest 6,500 feet while reached the Nido camp on Mt. Aconcagua.

Zed is determined to become the first Arab and Kuwaiti National to conquer the "7 Summits". In June 1999, he climbed Mt.McKinley in Alaska, followed by Mount Blanc in France in July. The beginning of the new millenium was spent on Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

After the climb of Mt.McKinley, Zed was recognized by the American Climbers Association to be the first Arab National who had successfully summited the mountain. Mt.Everest. If successful, Zed Al Refai will become the first Arab and Kuwaiti National to have conquered all the "7 Summits".