My Cats //

Age : 7 years
Race : Tabby
Sex : Male "fixed"
Favourite Food: Purina cat chow (senior formula)
The oldest and most dominant cat, spends most of his time outdoor, he CAN NOT stand Robby.

Name : Neeran
Age : 4 years
Race : Norwegian Forest
Sex : Male "fixed"
Favourite Food: Kit N'Kaboodle stuffed morsels & crunchy bits
He has a strange habit, his food must be placed higher on the kitchen counter or on top of the fridge. Gets along with all the other cats, he used to be outdoor, but lately, he hardly leaves the house.

Name : Maxi
Age : 1 1/2 year
Race : Medium hair Balinese
Sex : Female "fixed a month ago"
Favourite Food: Only dry biscuits
She is my favourite and very protective of me, never leaves out of site when I'm around, she fights with any cat, human, fly, who comes close. She has the longest meow.

Name : Dusty
Age : 3 years
Race : Mixed with thick coat
Sex : Female
Favourite Food : Whiskas vegetable & turkey canned food
Remarks :
She can talk, very shy, never leaves the house. She sleeps with face buried in the sofa.

Name : Meezan
Age : 1 1/2 year
Race : Persian apricot
Sex : Male "fixed"
Favourite Food : Dry kitkat rice & chicken biscuits
Remarks :
He grew up with Maxi, always sleeping, and wants to play when all the others not in the mood including myself. Got the sleepy eyes. I give him lots of attention when he needs it.

Name : Robby
Age : 9 months
Race : Mixed with nice marking, looks like a cheetah
Sex : Male "fixed"
Favourite Food : Beef in gravy
Remarks :
Nobody likes him, he is very noisy with high pitched sound, meowing constantly, get on my nerve at times, however, he adds spice to the place.

Name : Jaykar (its joker in English & ugly in Arabic)
Age : 1 year
Race : Ally cat with broken tail (it looks like submarine)
Sex : Male
Favourite Food : Any shit
Remarks :
Was abandoned by previous owners probably,( I don't blame them )He is always out of site and I want to keep it that way ,he just come to feast on the leftover.

Note : Some people preferred disguise, some people love disguise and Jaykar is master at that ....